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1Malaysia is an idea to harmonize citizens of different races in this country without
changing the identity of these races. The Malaysian Malaysia concept, on the other
hand, is a policy that seeks to effectively disintegrate the basic foundation that the
community is built on. The fairness that is espoused in the Malaysian Malaysia
blindly takes advantage of the utilization of the total equity version.

Besides taking care of the needs of all races, 1Malaysia Concept emphasizes
integration and the existence of the Malaysian Race. Quite different from Malaysian
Malaysia, which is limited to equitable rights and doesn’t consider reality and
Malaysian history.

Unity, as depicted in the 1Malaysian idea, is quite different from the assimilation
concept that is practiced in other countries where the identity of ethnic groups are
stripped off and replaced by a national identity.
On the other hand, 1Malaysia values and respects the principles of the Federal
Constitution as well as the ethnic identities of each race in Malaysia and treats it as
an asset or advantage that we can be proud of.

 1Malaysia emphasizes an acceptance attitude among people of different races,
where each race accepts the uniqueness of another race so that we can live together
and have mutual respect for each other as people or citizens of one country.

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